Project Description

Location: Georgia / Tbilisi

The refurbishment of the Station includes an improved route for pedestrians crossing the railway tracks and opens up the introvert building by adding an east-west axis with shopping & services. A face lift of the facade with colored LED lights gives the building a modern, state of the art look. Shopping & services are based around a theme suited to a travellers hub: Travel & Adventure (outdoor clothing, travel agencies etc.)

A central part of the shopping-area is reserved for the existing Gold Market, a handicraft market with jewelry. Attached to the ceiling of the station, a huge globe is symbolize the station’s renewed self-esteem.

Redevelopment of the central Railway Station of Tbilisi into a downtown Shopping Mall with a total area of circa 42,000 sq. m. of gross internal area plus over 500 surface parking places, local and regional bus stations.

Closed Area: 42,000 m2

Project Status: Completed

Completion Date: 30 November 2009