Project Description

Location: Azerbaijan / Nahchivan

Project Status: Completed

Construction Period: October 2002 – December 2003

Main Contractor: ERENPORT A.Ş.

Client: The State Concern of Civil Aviation “Azerbaijan Airlines” (AZAL)

Project Description

Nahchivan Airport Project which is awarded by AZAL, The State Concern of Civil Aviation “Azerbaijan Airlines”, consists of several constructions such as new runway, new apron, renovation of existing runway, terminal building, demolition of existing old terminal building, ATC tower cab, Cargo Terminal, Heating Center, Fire House, Water Treatment plant, Sewer Treatment Plant, Fuel Station and Car parks.

The project which has been designed in accordance with ICAO standards, costs 26,400,000 USD. The new runway has been designed in such a way that Boeing 747 type crafts can land and take off. It is 45m wide and 3300m long. A fill having 1m of depth under runway ground has been applied. On top of which, a 10cm high concrete and 40cm high covering concrete has been applied. A batching plant having a capacity of 1000 m3/day has been established on site to produce concrete with special strength. By the time when the new runway was completely constructed, the existing old runway was renovated as per the same standards. Existing 50,000 m2 of Apron has been enlarged to 100,000 m2 and two linking roads has been constructed.

There will be two departure sections and two arrival sections in 10,000 m2 area of Terminal Building. On the second floor of the Terminal, several offices was built. External Side was constructed by using local traditional patterns with 900m2 of skylight which illuminated the passenger room and the offices. Restaurants, cafes, duty free shops, winter garden, ticket sales, rent a car, hotel bureaus are some of the basic facilities of the terminal. ATC (Air Traffic Control) Tower Cab Building which was linked to the terminal by a glazed bridge gallery, was equipped by electronic flight orientation guide systems.

There are two carparks one of which is 40 vehicles capacity in front of the terminal and the other is of 200 vehicles capacity. A Cargo Building of 2000 m2 area has two cold rooms. Some of the other buildings that were constructed are as follows: Workshop, Heating Center, Transformator Building, Water Tank, Water Treatment Plants, Fire Brigade House, all of which have been designed to serve all Airport Complexes.

Construction Works have been commenced on September 2002 by excavation of runway. Although, during January and February 2003, construction works discontinued due to unexpected cold winter conditions, all construction works were completed on December 2003 with additional crew and special equipment.