Project Description

Location: Kyrgyzstan / Kumtor

Project Status: Completed

Project Ownership: 1/3 Cameco Corporation – 2/3 Kyrgyzstan Government

Construction Period: July 1994 – December 1996

Client: Kumtor Operating Company

Project Description
Kumtor Gold Project is an E.P.C.M. project. The project consists of the Site Services, Mine, Process Plant, Tailings Disposal, Site Roads, Construction Equipment, Power Supply and Marshalling Yard, Roads, Training Facilities and Bishkek Housing and Issyk Kol Housing Facilities.

Eren Construction’s Scope of Work
Project Coordination

Main Items of Work

Total no of drawings: 1500
Total value of purchase orders: US $ 186 million
Direct & indirect man hours: 2.740.800 hr
Earthworks cut: 2.000.000 cu.m /fill: 3.000.000 cu.m
Concrete structural: 24.000 cu.m / lean: 6.000 cu.m
Cement: 13.000 tons
Reinforcing bar: 5.000 tons
Formwork: 17.500 sq.m