Project Description

Location: Azerbaijan / Baku

Construction of Terminal Building 35.000 square meter area as EPCM contractor to Burç-Enka joint venture.

Project Status: Completed

Start Date: 15 January 1998

Completion Date: 24 March 1999 – Phase 1 / 10 May 1999 – Phase 2

Contracting Agency: Azerbaijan Air Lines (AZAL)

Scope of Work

Burç-Enka was the main contractor for construction of the International Terminal Building. Construction of terminal building of Baku Airport had started on 1981 by others but was never completed due to political and financial reasons. Eren was given go ahead on 15 December 1997 for completion of the construction work. Eren first completed the design then made the demolishing work as required. Basically the main steel structure of the existing building was kept and all other walls and partitions were demolished. Eren has completed the design, material supply, and execution of civil, structural, electrical and mechanical work in accordance with the international standards. Total area under this project was 59,530 m2 with 43,147 m2 and 16,203 m2 covered and open area respectively. Project was completed in 2 phases. First; the north terminal was completed on 24 March 1999 and operation of the Airport was transferred to the North terminal, then demolishing work in the South terminal started. Construction of 16,000 m2 South terminal was completed within 37 days after start of the demolishment. 1300 workers, technicians, experts were employed in 2 shifts during construction of the South Terminal.

Civil structural works complete with construction and finishing
18,000 m2 arrival level
18,000 m2 departure level
7,000 m2 mechanical level
16,000 m2 open terraces and other area

Construction Period
January 1998 – May 1999

Miscellaneous Work
54,500 m2 corrosion protection and fire protection
19,500 m2 water insulation
34,200 m2 painting
22,500 m2 marble covering
38,000 m2 rock wool

+Mechanical works included HVAC, sweet water, waste water and fire fighting systems complete with automation system for the HVAC.
+4 each chiller units, 24 each air handling units, 140 fan coil units.
+24,000 m2 air duct, 1700 each diffusers, 10,000 m piping.
+9,200 m piping for sweet and waste water, 800 each vitrified items.
+Electrical works included lighting panes, motor control centers, power distribution, general lighting, fire alarm system and cabling for lighting, power distribution, fire alarm and automation systems.
+130,000 m electrical cable, 60,000 m conduits, 6,000 m cable tray
+5,500 each lighting fixtures, 1,600 each receptacle outlets and lighting switches.
+700 each fire alarm detector, 43,000 m control and fire alarm cable.
+90 each lighting panel, 15 each motor control centers.